Gillian Jones-Williams, Motivational Speaker, Author and Diversity Strategist from Southampton, is raising money for bereaved families of the NHS who lost their lives during COVID-19 through a diary style book that she wrote during lockdown.

This book titled ‘Locked Down But Not Out’ is a diary of events that happened during the first part of lockdown and one woman’s struggle to save her business and also her own sanity.

The book covers monumental moments throughout the pandemic in the UK such as: the clapping at our doorways in support of the NHS, Captain Sir Tom Moore completing his 100 garden laps and Gillian’s perception of the daily news bulletins, Government announcements and even her love-hate relationship with Piers Morgan.

“They gave their lives to help our families. Now we must help theirs.”

Since writing the book Gillian Jones-Williams launched a Crowdfunder in December 2020 to raise money to publish the book and donate to the Family Fund.

As part of the Crowdfunder one of the rewards was for companies who could have a presentation from Gillian on Thriving Through Change in exchange for a contribution to the charity. These presentations are a summary of the lessons that she learnt whilst she completely remodelled her business to move it from face to face training to virtual delivery and products, how she needed to alter her thinking, her leadership style, her approach to clients and strengthen her resilience.

The story isn’t over yet as she continues to fight for survival through Lockdown 3 but the lessons that were learnt from Lockdown 1 are standing her in good stead to face this one, and she is hopeful that the business will weather the next six months and end up in an even better place.

100% of proceeds from book sales of ‘Locked Down But Not Out: A COVID-19 Diary by Gillian Jones-Williams’ will go to supporting those bereaved families. The book will be released on later this month – watch this space.

Watch Gillian in action here: