Build Your Own takes you to the next level in awesome racing fun with this exciting new Marble Run. Designed in the UK, this eco-friendly, STEM-inspired Marble Run is assembled using slot together techniques – no glue, no mess, no fuss. Everything you need is provided in the kit – follow the detailed instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, build and watch them go!

Wind the handle to raise the 10 swirly glass marbles up the elevator; then watch as they speed down one of the three different neon coloured tracks. Enjoy endless fun as the marbles twist, turn, drop down the steps, and then whizz round the vortex cone before racing to the finish! Which marble will win?

Made using sustainable cardboards, this innovative kit is not only fun and engaging to use, but also environmentally responsible. Fun and educational, constructing the Build Your Own Marble Run is the perfect activity for quality family time. You might choose to build it in stages, as this one is intentionally designed to be more of a project than a quick build. Full construction takes around four hours. So, grab your fellow builders and have some exciting fun as a family!

Our most technical build so far, budding engineers will enjoy the challenge of the construction. And once built, the Marble Run stands at an impressive 50cms tall, and has 3 different neon courses with run switches to randomise the marble directions. Watch friends and family gasp in admiration as you show it off! A sleek, charcoal grey, with contrasting pops of neon – it looks fantastic too.

Build Your Own Marble Run – RRP £22.99

Building the Marble Run will encourage children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills. Plus, they’ll learn about physics and kinetic energy as they play.

What’s inside the box?

153-piece slot together cardboard kit
16 press-out sheets (143 press out parts)
10 x swirly glass marbles
2 x detailed instruction booklets

The detailed instruction booklets will guide you through each step of the build, and contain helpful troubleshooting tips if you get stuck.

The Build Your Own Marble Run is suitable for children aged 8 years +.

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