With the help of science Etta Loves launches a NEW 100% Organic Cotton Drawing Collection.

Etta loves has launched their first collection in super soft 100% organic cotton.  Inspired by Etta (age 4) and her love of art, The Drawing Collection includes an original design by Etta’s herself – The Eye Print.

As a brand they have moved from their core bamboo fabrication to 100% organic cotton across their entire range.  Helping build a more sustainable footprint for the brand and business.

With the help of their resident NHS Orthoptist Laura, using spacing and scale Etta Loves designed this collection to support babies’ cognitive and visual development from newborn to 4 months old. Each design is aligned with what a baby can see, stimulating and complementing their development.

Etta Loves was founded by new mama, Jen Fuller.  When Jen’s first daughter Etta was 4 weeks old, she realised Etta was staring at a black and white top Jen was wearing, it was the first thing Etta had actively tried to focus on. This led into months of Jen rotating black and white clothing to keep Etta’s attention.  This got Jen thinking about how few baby items are designed to stimulate and create a sensory experience – so Etta Loves was born!

Etta loves was created to turn everyday baby essentials into sensory sensations.   By using the science of what babies can and can’t see, Etta Loves creates clever and stunning patterns that will hold a baby’s attention.  The result being that babies are mesmerised giving parents the gift of calm and babies pure wonder through each distinct pattern.

The brand is loved by parents, caregivers, leading baby experts and of course all the lovely babies who have enjoyed the Etta Loves Spellbound by Science experience.

The range consists of:

A three pack of 60 X 60 muslins; 1 x Lines design, 1 x Eyes design and 1 x Faces design £26.00
An Eye Design XL 120 x 120 muslin £22.00
An Eye Design comforter £16.50

For further information about the brand visit www.ettaloves.com