The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus has today been selected for the renowned DreamToys 2019 full list. Chosen by an independent panel of UK retailers and industry experts, the DreamToys list is widely regarded as the most authoritative predictive list for top Christmas toys. The Battle Bus is available for purchase now online and at retailers nationwide.

Priced at £39.99, the 13-inch Battle Bus is a collectible-quality replica of the most important vehicle in the No.1 video game. As the centerpiece of Moose Toys’ Fortnite Battle Royale Collection, the play set has already been selected for the Argos Christmas 2019 list and is primed to be a top seller for the holiday season.

The Battle Bus play set comes with two exclusive skins, Burnout and Funk Ops. Fans can display their favourite squad of mini figures on top of the bus, alongside the famous hot air balloon. Inside the bus, there is space to store an additional 15 figures. Already featuring in YouTube videos by international gaming superstars Ali-A and DanTDM, the Battle Bus is proving popular with young Fortnite fans and gamers around the world.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is a range of authentic play sets, vehicles and 2-inch mini action figures that bring the world of Fortnite to life. By the end of 2019, the line will include 100 different action figures, so fans can create their very own Battle Royale. The full Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is included below.

“We’re delighted that the Battle Bus has been selected for Dream Toys 2019” said Emily Maclennan, UK Sales & Marketing Director, Moose Toys. “The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection has gone from strength to strength this year and Fortnite has landed as the number one new property across the total market, an amazing result. There’s going to be a lot of fortnite under the tree this Christmas, so we recommend moving quickly to avoid disappointment.”

The Battle Bus is one of four Moose Toys products to make the DreamToys 2019 list. The Bus sits alongside entries from Scruff-a-Luvs, Kindi Kids and Capsule Chix Ultimix.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection includes the following:

Battle Bus Playset (MSRP £39.99) – The 13” Bus features the hot air balloon and comes with two exclusive characters, Burnout and Funk Ops.
Mega Fort Playset (MSRP £29.99) – Fans can build a fortress, blockade or barrier and use the Mega Fort playset’s exclusive figures, Tricera Ops and Blue Squire, to defend the fort.
ATK (All Terrain Kart) (MSRP £14.99) – A fan favorite, the ATK can be loaded with a whole squad, including an exclusive Drift figure.
Solo, Duo and Squad Pack Figure Assortments (MSRP £4.99-£14.99) – The Battle Royale Collection expands with 25 new figures including Beef Boss, Wukong and the limited-edition Mullet Marauder.
X-4 Stormwing Dlx Plane (MSRP £29.99) – Fans can squad up and control the skies with the plane that holds up to seven Battle Royale Collection figures, including an exclusive Ice King figure.