Magnets have always been a source of fascination for children and are a great introduction to science for them. It also encourages the use of motor skills and in developing imagination

This 52 piece set has a number of squares, triangles and 2 pentagons as well as interconnectiong rods and 16 ball bearing size magnets. The systems interconnect and the panels are clipped on and the connecting rods utilised to add to the strength. All that is needed is to let loose the imagination, but there is an instruction booklet as well.

There is also a couple of storage boxes inside so that they are not left all over the floor for parents to tread on. Naturally they are made from recycled plastic

Geomag have been going for over 20 years and are regularly bringing out additions and improvements to the range and this well priced kit is ideal as either an introduction or a step up from more basic items.