As the season gets colder, competition is heating up in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG). Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. (KONAMI) is proud to present three hot releases in December and January, from new beginnings to new twists on some of the game’s greatest stories. With the return of Collector’s Rares, Speed Dueling, colourful Ultra Rares and collectible dice, the Winter season is set to deliver more of what Duelists love. Plus, as a holiday surprise, Duelists will have more opportunities to Duel from home and win amazing prizes!

The Speed Duel: Battle City Box is designed to let 8 Duelists battle it out however they see fit. The Speed Duel: Battle City Box includes 200 cards so Duelists can build popular strategies and harness the power of iconic cards that are new to Speed Dueling. The mighty Egyptian God Cards Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and The Winged Dragon of Ra descend on the Duels, while Jinzo, Dark Paladin and XYZ-Dragon Cannon fire back – and that’s just the beginning.

Build the strategies of Battle City just like Yugi, Kaiba, Espa Roba, Ishizu Ishtar, Arkana and many more. Or, draft the cards between friends for different play modes! Each Speed Duel: Battle City Box includes 20 Skill Cards, 16 of which are brand new. Plus, since the original Battle City tournament had high stakes, this version of the story holds a unique surprise as well. Each Speed Duel: Battle City Box includes a special prize pack with 8 Secret Rares from a pool of 24 cards. A mix of fan-favourites and Dueling icons get the Secret Rare treatment: Duelists can gift one to each competitor, let the winner take all, or keep them for themselves! From start to finish, the Speed Duel: Battle City Box puts the player in charge.

Speed Duel: Battle City Box

Speed Duel: Battle City Box races onto the scene November 26th, with 4 Yugi Deluxe Game Mats, 4 Kaiba Deluxe Game Mats, and 228 cards: 200 Commons, 20 Skill Cards and 8 of 24 Secret Rares. RRP: £29.99 / €29.99 per box.

Genesis Impact marks the arrival of three brand-new strategies, starting with the secret history of some of Dueling’s most storied Spellcasters like Invoked, Witchcrafter, Endymion and more! Armed with Fusion, Xyz, Synchro and Link Summons, this new concordance of the four Spellcasters combines various Summoning Techniques for a magical supremacy!

Genesis Impact also introduces a new strategy that takes an entirely different approach to Ritual Summons; instead of matching Levels, players can gather Machine-type Tributes with ATK equal or greater than the ATK of the Ritual Monster you want to Summon. Plus, this new tribe comes prepared with an even greater power: they can Ritual Summon monsters from the player’s own Graveyard. With the new Ritual supports, Genesis Impact will allow Duelists to Summon new Ritual Monsters with some of the highest ATK and DEF in Ritual Summoning history!

Finally, Duelists can get ready to go Live with Dueling’s new dynamic duo with a stunning secret! By day they’re popular live-streamers with legions of fans, but by night they [We’ve restricted access to this section. Please enter the Secret Password.]! As Main Deck monsters, each twin Special Summons the other and together they work the algorithm to swing Life Points. However, upgraded to their Link Monster counterparts, their true teamwork will be unleashed and cause calamity for their opponent!