An 11-year old boy may well have created this year’s most in-demand new card game after his creation was professionally produced by a game designer.  Fame or Forfeit is the brainchild of 11-year-old Thady Lillingston who originally created the card game to play with friends. After showing his family, Thady’s grandfather William Beckett saw the potential for success having previously produced one of the first ever multimedia games and the cult Cluedo-inspired classic, Foul Play.

The idea behind Fame or Forfeit is similar to the classic card game Old Maid, but with additional forfeits. Players must take challenge cards from their partner’s hand and complete the challenge to score points. The player who has scored the most points once the deck or the players are exhausted is crowned the winner. In addition to the game, players need nothing more than a pen and paper, a lemon, and a bottle of ketchup, making for simple set up and easy rules suitable for all ages ranging from 8 to 88. Up to six players can take part at any one time, making the game a must-have for Christmas get-togethers or to cure lockdown boredom.

Having been designed by a young boy, Fame or Forfeit promises to provide unique entertainment for all children and is one of the only games to buy this season created from a child’s perspective.

The game is not only aimed at children, and customisable packaging can be ordered to create a personalised gift. The box can be printed to say “Granny’s Game or “Grandpa’s Game” for example, making it a fun and pocket money-friendly gift.

William Beckett, director, said, “When my grandson told us about his new game, we sat down to play it as families do, but we didn’t anticipate how funny, unique, and entertaining Fame or Forfeit would be. Once we played it, I knew others would love this game, and in tough times it is ideal for bringing families together, either over Christmas or during lockdown.

11-year-old Thady Lillingston added, “I love my new game and so do all my friends, so if you want to make each other do silly challenges like drink ketchup or spell your name backward in 15 seconds, you should definitely play. It’s great!
50% of all profits from the sale of Fame or Forfeit will be donated to Save The Children.

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