The Jasmy platform aims to regain data sovereignty for everyone so that everyone can use his or her data safely and reliably. To achieve this goal, they have combined blockchain and IoT technologies to provide the best platform solutions for customers across the globe and across industries.

Jasmy is an IoT platform company whose mission is to provide an infrastructure that allows anyone to use data safely and reliably. They are currently developing and providing the “Jasmy Platform” to achieve this goal.

“Our goal is to democratize data. In the fourth industrial revolution, the number of IoT devices is expected to increase substantially, but behind the convenience of life, there are always hidden safety hazards. Security threats such as identity theft and hacking are global issues. In addition, we increasingly feel that our purchase information, location information, website and video browsing history are being used improperly by platform companies.”

Jasmy’s CFO Hiroshi Harada

In order to build a “new consumer-based information age” in the fourth industrial revolution, Jasmy’s goal is to achieve “data democracy”, using original ideas, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology to manage individuals according to the wishes of users information.  Jasmy has already started the commercialization of their platform services in Japan and planning a global expansion. 

The concept of Jasmy’s data democracy is divided into three steps.

  1. Store and control your own data in a safe and reliable way
  2. Safely and reliably manage and control your own equipment.
  3. Use your own data safely and reliably under clear rules.

On this platform, users of company services become the owner of their data by owning a “personal data locker”. Jasmy can not only help securely lock in the data cabinet and share the personal data of the call through artificial intelligence technology, but also improve the life of the entire society, and promote the prosperity and development of the society through the effective use of personalized information and the quality of the data.

Compared with big data, it is based on the concept of effective use of personal information data, also known as “small data”. Jasmy believes that it is not only necessary to explore the development of the “small data” model, but also to use this model to help users make better decisions. 

“In the context of many industry leaders constantly exploring how to protect and share personal data. We hope that we can share users’ personal data correctly and appropriately, and play an active role in the development of new businesses, cross-industry cooperation, and industry digital transformation.”

Jasmy’s CFO Hiroshi Harada

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