A double paged spread with each saying ‘Tomorrow I’ll be….’ and then followed by a further double paged spread expanding on that and what the young person, in most cases a bunny and a kitten will learn to be.
There are just a handful of words and these are adventurous, strong, smart, curious, creative, confident and of course brave. There are seven words and one for each day of the week. Each of the words are in huge bold letters, some interwoven with trees or as part of a seascape and even the night sky.
The follow up pages give examples of how they can live up to that word along with fantasy pictures, in fact the work by Jessica Hische show that she is doubly talented. Just look at the cover illustration if you doubt that.
This is simple and yet despite the huge letters is actually quite subtle in that it encourages thought through small steps.

Tomorrow I’ll be brave

Words and pictures by Jessica Hische
Upside Down Books
rrp £6.99