Pooch & Mutt, a British pet food brand, has launched its new functional dry food ‘Soft & Shiny’ for dogs that need a little extra help in maintaining moisturised skin and a glossy coat, designed to improve skin and coat health and help pooches feel good from the inside out.

The premium ingredients list found in this grain-free, junk-free food specifically chosen for their hair-care benefits, could easily be mistaken for those found on the back of a luxury haircare product, with collagen, biotin and zinc to name a few. The brand has spared no expense in this premium recipe …because your pooch is worth it.

Pooch & Mutt’s focus is to make it easier for pet owners to look after their dog’s physical and mental wellbeing, enabling them to live long and happy lives together. According to a survey from a pet insurance provider, 22% of dog owners visited a vet due to skin conditions, with results from a separate insurance survey revealing that skin irritation was the number one reason for visits to the vet. Pooch & Mutt veterinarian surgeon Dr Linda Simon commented, ‘Allergic skin disease (or Allergic Dermatitis) in dogs is a very common condition, affecting hundreds of thousands of UK dogs.’

With that in mind, Pooch & Mutt have created a tasty dry food, that not only delivers a complete balanced diet from premium ingredients but combines key skincare nutrients to hydrate skin, nourish coat and reduce seasonal itching to help pooches look good and feel great. The food created by top nutritionists is designed to help minimise symptoms of skin allergies such as itching and scratching, dry dull fur, and help dogs suffering from irritation to feel good in their skin again.

The powerful protein & biotin enriched formula works all the way to the core, giving pooches a great hair day, every day.

Soft & Shiny is high in protein from fresh herring, an easily digestible, tasty, novel protein that is packed with essential fatty acids rich in Omega 3 and 6, which work alongside structural protein Collagen to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent the entrance of allergens. They also lock moisture inside the skin, ensuring it doesn’t dry out, which can lead to itching.

The recipe also contains prebiotics and probiotics which ensure a healthy gut microbiome is established, with a healthy digestive system improving nutrient uptake. This can reduce symptoms of skin allergies and may prevent food allergies from developing in the first place.

Biotin, an important B-vitamin for skin, hair and nail health is also included in the recipe and may help to promote fur growth and a glossy coat, whilst powerful antioxidants from Milk Thistle provide support for the immune system with anti-inflammatory properties.

Pooch & Mutt Vet Linda said ‘Feeding a diet such as Pooch & Mutt Soft & Shiny all year round can go a long way towards reducing flares and minimising symptoms. A dog’s allergies cannot usually be cured but with the right medical treatment and diet, dogs should be able to lead a normal and happy life.

Soft & Shiny dry food is available online now at poochandmutt.com in 2kg and 10kg bags.