Children’s author, Joanne Hutchinson, who has already penned two best-sellers, Og and Hagwitch and the Cauldron of Colour, is set to release her latest book in time for Christmas. It’s called Hettie the Talking Yeti.

Both of Joanne’s first two books were chosen to be read by Chris Jarvis, CBeebies and Little Radio presenter on Little Radio recently. Chris comments “Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Joanne – they’re superb! Great stories with stunning illustrations.”

Chris has already had a sneak preview of Hettie the talking Yeti and has scheduled the first national reading of the book on his Little Radio Show on November 8th. He commented after reading Hettie; “These days more and more boxes and packages are being dropped off onto people’s doorsteps; but imagine receiving one with a chatterbox Yeti inside!   However cute, she will eventually drive you up the wall.   This is a funny and original book by talented children’s author, Joanne Hutchinson.  It is best bought from bookshops but could be dropped off on your doorstep.  Open with caution.

Joanne based Hettie the Talking Yeti on her youngest son Lucas. Even as the youngest of 4 children in a busy household Lucas can certainly make his voice heard and he loves to talk!

The story starts with a little boy called Bobby discovering a mysterious box on his doorstep. He opens the box and discovers a fluffy furry ball inside called Hettie the Yeti. Hettie talks about all the amazing adventures she’s had but talks incessantly day and night, leaving her host tired and worn-out. So in desperation he leaves the box with Hettie inside on a friend’s doorstep, but the friend brings him round to show him off the next day and the whole cycle starts again!  This imaginative rhyming book for little ones will have children amused and enchanted, with its bold, bright and colourful illustrations and fun characters.

Hettie the Yeti by Joanne Hutchinson launches on 2nd November and retails at £7.99. It’s available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and