With National Tequila Day this Saturday, 31st July, UK-based sausage brand, Dickie’s, is delighted to introduce you to its Mexican Tequila Slammer Banger, for a fiesta like no other!

Not your regular banger, these mighty whoppers are fuelled with a colossal 9.5% of properly good tequila, whole bits of jalapeno, and punchy Mexican herbs and spices, to offer one of the booziest bangers you will ever get your chops around.

Packed full of the good stuff, every Dickie’s Banger is made using top-notch open barn reared pork shoulder from the heart of the Essex countryside. A sublime and cheeky addition to the BBQ, and made for taking that boring old hotdog to new and dizzying heights, these sausages burst with flavour, delivering an impressive kick of tequila with every single bite. A sure-fire way to help get that party started!

In addition, Dickie’s presents two other outrageously magnificent flavours for an adult twist on the traditional banger. Brunch lovers will delight at the spicy richness of the Bloody Mary Banger, while those with a sweeter palate will savour the elegance of the Prosecco & Apple variety. Each one crams 84% of the toppest-notch pork shoulder with 9.5% of alcohol that you can actually taste for a sausage you will never forget.

Available as a 130g Jumbo priced at £4.95 for three, or a Chipolata priced at £4.95 for 12, order your Dickie’s Bangers online now.

Bigger. Better. Boozy. Bangers.