The new Adventure Zoo from PLAYMOBIL brings animals from all over the world into children’s rooms. With many exotic animals and numerous expansion sets, this play theme invites budding zoo directors to create their own zoo and have all their favourite animals move in.

Entering the Large City Zoo through the gate, visitors go to pay at the kiosk with souvenir shop, and then arrive at the spacious animal enclosures. The viewing platform spans over a raised wooden path – this is the perfect vantage point for watching the animals in each of their habitats. The giraffe is heading out for the first time with its newborn calf, and the young emperor penguins are speeding down the slide.

There is plenty of excitement over in the Outdoor Lion Enclosure, as feeding time is about to begin! The extension sets make the enclosures and viewing platform even bigger, gradually growing the extensive zoo landscape. Whether children prefer the meerkats, lemurs or even the hippos, they are sure to find their own favourites amongst the many animal species available. Additional animal sets, such as the red pandas and alpacas, are completing the zoological around-the-world tour.

At the Petting Zoo, visitors can touch and feed popular breeds of domesticated animals, and they can even accompany the Zoo Vet with Medical Cart looking after his patients.

Get to know animals from far-away lands first-hand: The new Adventure Zoo from PLAYMOBIL lets children bring these animals home for playful adventures. With its realistic designs, modular concept and many popular animals, this play theme guarantees endless hours of fun for all animal lovers.