RECONNECT – The Heart of Darkness is a minimalistic real-time strategy base building game with real self-learning AI. 
Defend your grid-free light network against attack waves of merciless AI drones that get smarter with every generation.

In RECONNECT – The Heart of Darkness you influence the AI’s evolution by how you play – defensively, offensively, or creatively.
Reach the AI’s Heart of Darkness before it destroys your base and get your own AI drones for each successful RECONNECTion.

RECONNECT – The Heart of Darkness is being published as a mature Early Access version. The game contains all game mechanics and features as mentioned above. However, they are a tiny studio with limited testing resources. Thus, they decided to collect valuable community feedback on the AI performance and flow of the game before declaring it a full version.

Key Features

  • Build your base as an organic, grid-free light network. With RECONNECT’s simple and intuitive web building algorithm, all you need is two buttons and your creativity to grow an elaborate organic base structure that protects your light source from the hostile AI. (Gamepad highly recommended) 
  • Prepare your defenses using five different towers with offensive, defensive and tactical features. This minimalist set of crystal buildings adds color to your base and provides you with all the necessary capabilities to fight off the AI swarm. 
  • Immerse in the flow state of creative yet strategic building while your every move makes music – calm and driving at the same time.
  • Watch the A.I. learn how to see, move, and (eventually) attack. With every wave, a new, more intelligent generation of drones is being spawned. 
  • Survive attack waves of the merciless swarm. Your playing behavior and tactics influence if the AI develops an aggressive or a more reluctant behavior.
  • Expand your territory to reach the AI’s base before it destroys yours. Use your power to manipulate time in case things start to get out of hand.
  • Reconnect the Heart of Darkness to gain access to one copy of the smartest AI “genome” and weaken the AI’s crusade through the cosmos.
  • Train your own AI drones in an epic battle of dark vs. light. You receive one drone (Light Knight) for every reconnection victory.