· The new home office garment from Big Dude Clothing has been designed to appeal to those working from home and regularly attending online meetings; mixing business on the top with comfort on the bottom

· The company has only produced a limited supply in sizes 2XL- 8XL, but will restock in a range of smaller sizes if the product proves popular with customers

With the chances of British workers returning to their offices before June looking unlikely, and flexible working options a key focus on staff morale moving forwards, a plus-size clothing brand has released a new product aimed at helping those continuing to work from home remain as corporate – and as comfortable – as possible during their virtual meetings.

The WFH ‘Mullet’ Onesie has been designed and created by the team at Big Dude Clothing (www.BigDudeClothing.co.uk) and comes with a zip-up shirt and a sewn on tie on the torso, ideal for business meetings over Zoom, and comfy, stretchy grey joggers on the bottom, so wearers can secretly be working away in complete comfort.

The sizes currently range from 2XL all the way up to 8XL, but the team are considering extending the offering to smaller sizes if the product proves popular with UK workers continuing to work from home throughout the coming months.

The Work From Home Onesie can be purchased for just £20 here: https://www.bigdudeclothing.co.uk/work-from-home-onesie-white/

Darrell Freeman, Fashion Expert and Director of www.BigDudeClothing.co.uk, commented on the product launch:

We’re so excited to be launching this new work-from-home onesie so our plus sized community can work in style and ultimate comfort. This design, exclusive to Big Dude Clothing, is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while now and we’re relieved to be finally releasing it.

We think our community are going to love being able to slip into something warm and comfortable, without the restricting belts and tight collars that wearing real workwear brings. This is a very limited product as we only have 100 in stock, so make sure you get yours quickly and start working in the next home office essential.”