The colourful world of PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 is expanding. In 2021 Playmobil 1.2.3 will be celebrating it’s 30th birthday in the UK Launching in March new imaginative play ideas will be added to the range of products for children aged 1½ to 4 years. With new packaging the new sets will highlight three learning stages, with each building on the previous, promoting development in a targeted and fun way through the first years of life. They also offer some helpful orientation to parents when shopping for suitable toys.

Fun and learning for little explorers

Push, insert, sort: There’s always something new to discover on fun rides on the Animal Train. The animals can move individually or can be connected into a long train. What does the cat play with, and what does the elephant eat? Little ones can tell their own stories by assigning pictures to the various animals.

There is always something happening at My Take Along Preschool: playing on the seesaw or the slide, riding on the roundabout with friends, and much more. The nicest experiences from preschool can all be re-enacted here. The entire contents fit inside the carrycase – perfect for on the go! This year, children can also visit the enchanting world of fairies! This special play theme invites little ones for fantastic playtime with fairies in the magic forest. The Unicorn Carriage with Fairy, the Fairy Playground, and the many lovely animal friends make the hearts of little fairies beat faster

Rounding off the novelties, there are various figure sets, including the Construction Worker with Wheelbarrow and the Rider with Horse. All are suitable as a gift or as a first introduction to the world of PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3.

Small steps into the big world of PLAYMOBIL

The first years of life are full of formative experiences. There is so much to discover and the world is so big, colourful and impressive in the eyes of the children. Everything that is experienced, found and learned now forms an important basis for future learning. Each child develops in their own way and at their own pace. When discovering the world, play is more than just a pastime – through play, children explore the world, their own thoughts and feelings, those of other people, and continually grow and develop. The PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 play system is divided into three learning stages which build on each other and promote the development of children specifically and playfully.

  • Easy Start: In beginner sets with simple figures, the learning focus is on feeling and exploring, imitating animal sounds, and naming figures, animals and objects. Where is the rider? And how does the horse do?
  • First Challenge: In extended play sets, the learning focus is on exploring first functions, promoting fine motor skills and understanding cause-and-effect relationships. For example: What happens when you pull the string?
  • Little Expert: In advanced play sets, there are many functions to discover. The learning focus is on more complex contexts, social skills and first role play. What do children experience in nursery today?

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 provides little ones with varied play themes and features, as well as opportunities to explore, understand the world, and grow through play. Fine motor skills, language skills, creativity, cognitive and social skills are all promoted in a completely personalised way. New combination possibilities and additions within the play system make the contents exciting again and again, helping children grow over several years. Adding elements of sand and water, the SAND and AQUA ranges enrich the play system through creative outdoor play – all in the PLAYMOBIL quality children and parents know and love.