For Safer, Healthier and More Comfortable Motoring

The Philips brand is a household name in many fields, including lighting, lifestyle, automotive and healthcare products. It has long been renowned for its innovation in automotive lighting products and now it has launched its car air purifiers into the UK market – with the introduction of the Philips GoPure.

The small black box sits comfortably on centre console, can be strapped to the back of a headrest or placed under a seat to protect the driver and passengers against harmful pollution from the air inside the car.

There are many different types of impurities in the average car cabin, ranging from undesirable odours such as smoke or pet odours, through fine particles of PM2.5 and PM1 (microscopic solid or liquid particles of  2.5 μm or less and 1.0 μm or less) to formaldehyde, exhaust gases, pollen, bacteria, and even airborne viruses. The award-winning Philips GoPure is able to remove more than 100 different sorts of unwanted impurities from the car cabin.

The GoPure has been tested, approved and certified by independent laboratory group, the Airmid Healthgroup. In its launch area, China, it has already proved to be a winner with consumers, recently winning the award for “China 2020 Competitive Appliance Product for Big Health Scene” for the product’s innovation in virus and bacteria removal.

At the heart of the Philips GoPure is a 3-layer filtration system, which is a combination of a cleanable pre-filter, a HESA (=High Efficiency Sorbent Agent) and a HEPA (=High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. Together these make the GoPure the perfect protection from harmful particles, including airborne viruses.

Once installed in the car, the GoPure, which is powered from the vehicle’s 12v (“cigarette lighter”) power supply, will commence working as soon as the car’s ignition is switched on. Therefore the driver doesn’t have even to remember to switch on the unit. Its two-speed fan can be adjusted on the unit, to suit the preferences of the driver and passengers. A filter replacement indicator shows when the filter needs changing.

The GoPure is currently the number one brand of air purifier online in most of Asia’s biggest markets, including China and Korea.

“We are really excited about launching Philips GoPure air purifiers into the UK. Philips is renowned globally for healthcare and medical products, and to have the brand bringing that expertise into the automotive arena has got to be good news for trade and consumer alike,” enthuses Richard Armstrong from Lumileds, who are the global licensees of Philips Automotive products. “This is a great product at any time but, in this current period, the GoPure should be something that every motorist seriously considers.”

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