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Ottawa’s latest outdoors attraction, Interzip Rogers, is set to give thrill-seeking visitors the chance to ‘zip’ between the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec in one exhilarating, breath-taking ride – all while soaring 120 feet above the Ottawa River.

Spanning almost 1,400 feet, the new dual-line zipline experience will offer sweeping views of the Ottawa and Gatineau skylines along with birds-eye peeks at some of Canada’s Capital Region’s most iconic sights such as Parliament Hill and Chaudière Falls, not to forget the majestic Ottawa River itself.

Developed by industry specialist Skyline Ziplines Ltd., the Interzip Rogers experience will start and finish in Zibi, a new borderless neighbourhood that includes territory in both provinces. The new 34-acre waterfront live-work zone whose strong focus on sustainable practices has earned it the accolade of being the first community in Canada to receive One Planet Living certification. The outdoor attraction is set to become one of Ottawa’s most talked about and recognisable experiences, and symbolic of the historic closeness of the neighbouring communities of Ottawa and Gatineau.

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