Parents can give little ones a taste of organic goodness with the latest launches from Aldi’s award-winning baby and toddler brand, Mamia.  Made with no added sugars, the range offers up to a 51% saving on leading brands and is available now in selected Aldi stores and via Click & Collect.

Aldi’s Organic Mamia Savoury Meal Pouches (£0.99, 190g) are tasty AND convenient thanks to their handy pouch format. Available in a choice of Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef Stew or Tomato Pasta, these pouches are suitable from 10 months. Organic Mamia Tray Meals (£0.95, 200g) offer complete meals, ideal from 12 months and available in a choice of Chicken Paella, Beef Stew or scrummy Bolognese Bake.

For a filling dessert, Aldi’s Organic Mamia Custard Pots (£1.09, 4x100g) are available in a choice of Banana or Fruity, not only do they taste good, but also count towards one of children’s 5-a-day.

Aldi’s Organic Mamia Soft Biscotti (£1.49, 120g – 6x20g), availablein Apple or Strawberry, are perfect for on the go weaning from 7 months, easy to hold shape and have no added sugar.

Taking baby-steps with weaning? There’s no right or wrong way, but here are some top tips from Aldi’s Mamia: 

1. Start with puréed single vegetables, like carrots or broccoli

2. Explore new veg and fruit, combining flavours and adding more lumpiness

3. Add meat, fish, proteins, dairy and carbs like rice and potatoes

4. Bring variety to their breakfast with cereals, porridge, toast bites, fruit or even omelettes

5. Establish ‘3 meals a day’ routine with fun and social family meals

The Organic Mamia food range is available now in selected Aldi stores and via Click & Collect. For further information and advice visit