Calling all sore losers (you know who you are) – now’s your time to get even, as Monopoly brings you its latest iteration of the world’s favourite board game – and this time, it pays to lose. Forget foraging away extra cash in fear of that dreaded hotel your Dads just put on Mayfair; this time, pulling the short straw will instead see you rewarded.

Going straight to jail? Rolled your way to tax or rent hell? Ran out of cash? Collect sore loser coins as typically ‘bad’ things happen to you in the game and gain advantages to fight your way to the front. Collect four sore loser coins and trade your token in to play as the Mr. Monopoly Ultimate Sore Loser token. Now you can get paid for landing on another player’s property, take a turn away from another player and more.

This hilarious twist will unite the family in the fight for the biggest loser. The game ends when all the properties have been purchased and each player has made it back to GO. Then the player with the most cash – sore loser or not – wins. And this time, no one can tell you you’re a loser.