The legend goes on! With the popularity of the previous game “KOORING VR Wonderland : Mecadinos attack,” a new episode has been released on Steam and Viveport!

Currently, most VR contents are mainly adult-oriented stimulating contents. If you’re tired of brutal VR action game with blood, flesh, guns, and knives, we recommend “Kooring Wonderland VR Heart Castle Crush,” a representative family VR genre that will have the whole family including children enjoying the game with the cute game character Kooring. Kooring is now growing as a representative brand in VR that all family members can play safely.

It tells the story of Kooring, who has become more powerful in order to rescue Tooring who has gone bad under the spell of the evil queen. The story goes with Kooring on a new adventure to fight against Card Soldier and Queen Red.

Kooring Wonderland VR: Heart Castle Crush is based on the novel “Alice in Wonderland”. There are related characters and objects throughout the content that gives the feeling of going into the Wonderland that players imagined as a child. Six mini games were produced from the 12 chapters of the original novel through the combination of different experiences that can only be experienced in virtual reality. When playing each mini game, it will feel like playing a whole new game, so the games can be greatly enjoyed without feeling bored.

When the user enters the game, Kooring appears in the Kooring Wonderland’s signature bubble room and shoots bubbles with a golden gun to create six mini games on a table that contains the miniature version of the Wonderland. When the player put the controller on each mini game, there will be a preview of the game, so the genre of the game can be understood before choosing to play it. In addition, users can interact with most objects in your room, so they can have fun in the room other than just clicking into the bubble to play the games