Independent development studio Quarant Inc. will release a major free update for Grow Big (or Go Home) on Steam on 12th February. The game is already available on Steam for £6.19

Grow Big (or Go Home) is a 2D pixel-art indoor gardening simulator in which you play as Bruce, the world’s most talented indoor gardener, through 15+ fast-paced levels.

In Grow Big (or Go Home): Ultimate Edition you’ll travel to new locations and eras in order to water, light, and tend to the most tricky plants with the high-tech magic of a watering can and a reflective mirror.

This major free update will bring new visuals, animations, gameplay improvements, and a new hard mode which doubles the length of the game!

New Features

New visuals and animations.
Gameplay improvements.
Hard mode available.


15 fast-paced levels set in unique locations spread across time and space.
A procedurally-generated, replayable level set in Hell.
Lovable characters such as protagonist gardening extraordinaire Bruce, his mischievous cat Apollo, and tiny alien Sir Bob.
An innovative tutorial system which is integrated into the level select and game.
Original music themed to the locations that the player visits.
Clear yet challenging gameplay mechanics using common household objects in interesting ways.
Plenty of other exciting features coming soon including a “hard mode”.