You might see something a little different in your M&S food section – a book!
A new title called Farm to Foodhall: The Magic Ingredient is a specially designed M&S book that celebrates the range of quality food to be purchased in store, and it’s at a bargain price of just £5!

The 64 page hardback with words by Linda Chapman and illustrations by Sarah Jennings is aimed at the 4-9 age range and it’s star is a young girl called Amalia who has a bit of a yen for baking. She decides to bake everyones favourite dish and each chapter tells the story of how she goes about collecting the freshest of ingredients for each dish, aided by her Grandfather who acts as both chaffeur and educator, and at the end of the chapter will be the actual recipe, there will also be some facts about the main ingredient and occasionally some jokes (more about them later). One of her trips has her flying up to Scotland to visit a Salmon farm, although you can’t actually buy a fish from one of these places (she gets it from an M&S of course.

Other trips are to the farm for fresh milk, a cherry orchard in Kent and seeing some vertical farming in Cheshire to name but a few.

Although obviously a big plug for the food that you can buy in M&S, this does celebrate the best of British farming and reminds us how we have forgotten that our favourite foods don’t just magically appear on the shop shelves.

The recipes will need a grown up to do the work but there is always a role for a little helper. The illustrations are in full colour and show Amalia travelling all over the country with her Grandfather.
So more about those jokes – here’s a couple – “What’s the best way to learn about chickens – use an Hen-cyclopedia”, or what about “What do cows who want to hide wear? – Cow-moo-flage”. Yes there’s a future is Christmas cracker joke writing for Linda Chapman.

To compliment the book M&S are also introducing some Farm to Foodhall products. Check out the mixing bowls (£3), cookie cutters – a selection of 3 shapes for just £3, some utensils (a whisk, spatula and brush) for £5 and a very sturdy tote bag for £3.

These make a delightful gift and provide ideas for summer holiday fun, as well as being a great read.

ISBN: 9780008473600 £5