Crossword City Chronicles –the only game that combines word puzzles with adventure, crime, and mystery– will be launched on Steam on January 25.

Play as a 1950s reporter investigating crimes by using your word building skills to interview, interrogate, convince, deceive and debate your way to a solution.

In Crossword City Chronicles you will have to draw letters tiles onto a rack, then place them on the board to make a word that connects with those already placed to advance the plot.

While the game interface and story is available in English and French, the word games can be played in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch. You can change language at any point during play.


Beat crossword challenges to solve cases.
Use your detective skills and dictionary: Reveal clues by scoring word bonuses.
Interview suspects with mini games like word connections, target word scores, tile reveals, and more.
Play a 1950s investigative reporter whose object is getting big leads.
Explore a city filled with colorful characters.
New episodes revealed with regular updates.