Since the beginning of the year, Tesla’s head Musk began to call for orders. It began to skyrocket, and it wasn’t until the market fell sharply on May 19 that the madness gradually became more rational.

On September 8, 2020, Nongfu Spring was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Zhong Shanshan, its owner, surpassed well-known Internet leaders to become China’s new richest man. What does he rely on? Why can bottled water surpass Tencent’s social empire and Ali’s business empire to become the new richest man?
Water is so sparse and commonplace. Many middle-aged people don’t drink mineral water very much because water was everywhere in the countryside when they were young. They didn’t go out and buy a bottle. They could always get it from the well, so there was no expectation that someone would buy mineral water. Who would have thought that with the changes of the times, it would become more convenient to buy water. Those things, unthinkable in the past, they have become the most common things, and the founder of Nongfu Spring is now the new richest man in China.
In an era when Nokia dominates the Quartet, who would have thought that Steve Jobs could subvert the pattern with a touch-screen phone? In an age when no one was online, who could imagine that Amazon founder Bezos could start by selling books online and eventually become the world’s richest man?


Bezos said in the first shareholder letter of Amazon in 1997: “It’s All About Long Term.” Everything revolves around long-term value. So far, Amazon has withstood the question of losing money for 20 years, but after 20 years, once the profit changes to make up for the previous loss, it will give shareholders unimaginable huge returns.

So the key to investment is, can you see the future trends and looks? If you come across things you don’t understand, can you benefit from these uncertainties?

This is the case for Tesla. In 18 years, it was jointly shorted by several well-known short-selling agencies. It was questioned that such a high valuation of electric vehicles was a scam. Once, Musk choked in front of the interview camera and said that it felt like “Chewing on the glass and staring into the abyss”.
But he kept believing in the future he sees in the midst of the ups and downs, whether is SpaceX, super high-speed rail or electric car, he sees a future that is different from that of most people.


In March of this year, Musk changed the label to Bitcoin on Twitter for the first time, and then Bitcoin began to rise, and then he began to shout single Dogecoin, Dogecoin also won an unprecedented round of skyrocketing, and then each Kinds of SHIBPig TokensShiba Inu coins and other animal coins jumped out and soared out of thin air, causing a carnival in the capital market.
Going back to the level of consensus in the future whether you can hold onto the value depends on your reason for entering the market. Are you making a wave of bucks for speculation, or do you really believe that the digital economy represented by Bitcoin, which is not spammed by the Fed and not regulated by Wall Street, symbolizes the future?
If you believe in these futures and have such future consensus, then you are more likely to hold high-quality stocks and high-quality value coins for a long time and enjoy the realization of cognition in the more distant future.

Although Bitcoin recently plunged, it is no longer the barbaric era of ICOs. In the field of digital assets, in addition to Bitcoin, the future of privacy is represented by XMR and ZCASH, the future of the Internet of Things represented by VET and JASMY, the future of public chains represented by ETH and BSC, and the cloud represented by FIL and SC Storage is moving forward steadily in the future.
The future has come, everything depends only on whether you see it. Everything depends on the future consensus.