This Christmas, watch your alcohol intake as it’s easy to drink too much at this time of year – only to get behind the wheel the next morning and inadvertently drive with alcohol still in your system.  Alcohol slows your reaction time, affects judgment, reduces concentration and inhibits co-ordination – increasing the likelihood of an accident.  One in five drink-drive convictions happens ‘the morning after’.  There is no rule of thumb as we all process alcohol differently.  Just four large glasses of wine or pints of beer can still leave alcohol in your system the morning after.

The Three Wise Men: AlcoSense Excel, AlcoSense Pro and AlcoSense Ultra

The three wise men of AlcoSense fuel-cell breathalysers could bring you the gift of safety on the roads this Christmas.  The AlcoSense Excel (£99.99),  AlcoSense Pro (£149.99) and AlcoSense Ultra (£249.99) are extremely accurate, helping you to know when alcohol has cleared your system.  One of these could be a life-saver for you, your passengers or other road users and pedestrians.  Available from, Halfords and

AlcoSense Elite 3

Alternatively, the NEW AlcoSense Elite 3 breathalyser (£69.99) features semi-conductor sensor technology for unrivalled accuracy at this price.  Designed in the UK and easy to use, it fits in the palm of your hand and gives your alcohol reading in seconds.  Simply turn it on and insert a blow tube.  Then blow through the device for approximately six seconds until it beeps.  A few seconds later your blood alcohol content will be shown.

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