London-based international hydration brand, Revival Drinks, has launched a new range of vitamin squash especially designed for children. Combining tasty refreshments with vitamins that support all-round development, the groundbreaking formulation is a world first, offering a much-needed alternative to unhealthy sugary pops, with all the benefits of a vitamin supplement. The new range has been developed in line with Revival Drinks’ commitment to supporting both parents and kids during this challenging time.

The no-added-sugar formula is designed to address one of the biggest issues facing parents today; that they feel uncertain giving younger children vitamins in tablet form. According to the BBC, two thirds of parents surveyed in 2017 did not give vitamin supplements to their little ones. The new just-add-water squash makes it easier to deliver vital nutrients to growing kids, with 12 essential vitamins and minerals that support immunity, growth, and development such as Vitamin C which is vital for healthy bones.

Daniel Elahi, Director of Revival Drinks said, “We are thrilled to be launching the world’s very first multivitamin squash drink designed and developed especially for kids. We have set out to provide a healthy alternative to the sugar-laden options usually found on the shelves because we know just how important it is for children to consume the right vitamins and minerals for development. With many schools closed, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help parents deliver essential nutrients at home, every single day.”

The new product range comes at a time when children’s health and wellbeing is a bigger priority than ever before. In 2019, a Boots survey of 2000 parents of children aged between 4-16 found that two thirds admitted that they were unsure of what vitamins and minerals should be included within their child’s diet. Additionally, a report by the British Nutrition Foundation found that 65% of 5-16 year olds do not drink enough fluids.

Revival Drinks already renowned on an international scale for its simple pour-mix-drink electrolyte rehydration powders in three fruity flavours – tropical, orange, and cherry. Based on a World Health Organization formula for hydration, the recovery packs are shown to boost energy.

The new range of vitamin squash drinks for children are 100% GMO-free and vegetarian-friendly, with no gluten, dairy, added sugar, or artificial colours, making the drinks suitable for many children, including those with dietary restrictions.

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