The Pinestone Tea team know how important this time of year is when celebrating Mothers Day, but in 2021, with some of us not seeing our mums, offering a really special gift seems more important than ever.

The Pinestone Tea Luxury Green Tea Gift Set is a brand new artisan tea experience that offers a sense of wellbeing both physically and mentally to the drinker. With time on our hands during these days at home, the appreciation of the ceremony of making and tasting this tea is second to none. Loose-leaf tea provides the perfect excuse to take your time.

So why not help to soften the wanderlust just a little with the gift of the authentic taste of China using these four steps to tea heaven!

Step 1
The optimum water temperature for green tea is 80-90 degree Celsius: You can achieve this by leaving boiling water to stand for 5 minutes before use
Step 2
Depending on how strong you prefer it, 1-2 teaspoons should be added to a cup or teapot (about 300ml in size or capacity)
Step 3
Rinse the tea leaves briefly with hot water in a cup or teapot (filled roughly a third of the way) and drain after 30 seconds.
Step 4
Add hot water to full and brew the rinsed leaves for 2-3 minutes, enjoy!

100g Lung Ching:
This stunning tea, also known as Dragon Well, is unrivalled in quality and taste experience. It must be produced in the traditional, hand-panned style to bear the world-renowned Lung Ching mark. 18 bushes were granted imperial status during the Qing Dynasty; those trees still exist, and their tea sells for a higher price per gram than gold.

100g Chun Mee:
Bringing this tea from the plantation to your pot truly is a labour of love! Also produced by hand, it requires no fewer than ten different hand movements to shape, turn and press the leaves to create the perfect combination of aroma, flavour and colour. Expert handlers, using methods perfected over many generations, meticulously prepare the leaves to produce the highest quality tea.

100g Jasmine:
Jasmine is a favourite the world over. The tea is harvested in Zhejiang province in spring but stored carefully until summer when the jasmine flowers are picked and mixed with the tea. The mixing process happens 1000 miles away from Zhejiang in Guangxi. Overnight, the flowers open, infusing the tea with their wonderful fragrance. In the morning they are separated, and the process is then repeated 7-9 times, with new flowers being added each night.

The Pinestone Tea Luxury Green Tea Gift Set = £26.99 includes 100g Lung Ching, 100g Jasmine, and 100g Chun Mee loose-leaf tea. A complimentary re-seal clip to keep your tea absolutely fresh. And with FREE next day delivery, there is no excuse for being late with your present for your mum this year!
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To celebrate Mother’s Day, Pinestone Tea is giving away one gift set per week to a lucky winner from now till 14th March, you only need to follow and like Pinestone Tea on Instagram and Facebook, for full details please go to Pinestone Tea website.