Independent game development studio Twintertainment will release Dark Dragonkin on Steam in Q2 2021.

Dark Dragonkin is an old-school RPG adventure in which the player alternates control a party of characters with unique abilities, guiding each of them one at a time to exit the level.

“I want to capture the spirit of classic adventures”, says Wade Adams, solo dev at Twintertainment. “Dark Dragonkin is a top-down puzzle role playing game which gameplay will remind you of The Lost Vikings”.

A free playable demo of Dark Dragonkin will be available for the Steam Spring Festival held on February 3. A live stream event will be taking place on February 7.


You control each character separately.
Each character has their own unique skills to get past obstacles.
Every Level is like an old school RPG puzzle.
Even the enemies are puzzles of how to avoid or destroy them.
You must figure out how to gather the party at the exit portal to advance.
Powerful bosses that are a challenging puzzle to defeat to gain passage through their realm.