Anna Breese-Davieswas inspired to launch the brand during lockdown with her own daughter, Flori, after realising that children needed more fun content to engage with both online and off the screen and wanted to create a series of characters that every child could relate to.

Reflecting on lockdown with her daughter, Anna developed the Cheeky Monsters into five unique characters and brought them to life through a series of plush toys, books and a growing educational YouTube channel. Each monster takes inspiration from day-to-day creative play and Flori, for example Rocky Road Racer is based upon Anna’s daughter pretending to drive the car from the back seat on family road trips, or Violet named after Flori’s favourite colour.

Cheeky Monsters became the imaginary friends at Anna’s kitchen table, out in the garden and exploring outside. At times, Anna found teaching Flori at home a lonely experience, however the imagination and creativity which the Cheeky Monsters encouraged helped break up the day. “What would Drago do?” became a familiar question, as Drago, the most curious and inquisitive of the monsters helped with home science experiments.

As a Mum of a pre-schooler, Anna wanted to ensure Cheeky Monster’s is an inclusive brand for everyone, and that’s why the idea of Cheeky Monsters comes from the premise that “Everyone has a Cheeky Monster. Which one are you?” – everyone is celebrated with Cheeky Monsters. The most important thing is that children are encouraged to use their imagination, be silly, and cheeky in the best sense of the word and have fun.

Looking after our world is also a key focus for Cheeky Monsters, who have a ‘tidy up parade’ when litter collecting in the park. “Naughty litter bugs” are the nemesis of the Cheeky Monsters and recycling is an important aspect for the brand, cardboard boxes which the Cheeky Monster products arrive in have dual use and colouring in activities are provided with every purchase. The website is packed full of free games and activities and each storybook end with a prompt to getting creative at home, whether that’s instructions for how to build a bug hotel or rocket ship.

Anna worked for The Walt Disney Company for more than 12 years in London, before relocating to rural Wales and starting Cheeky Monsters – making her dream a reality.